Alumni Roadmap 2 USMCA - Focus Canada



15:00 - 16:30 CET

Frederic Hadjari
T: +43 (664) 8481257
F: +43 732 79810 5080

The question isn’t whether change is coming to North American trade. It’s whether you’re positioned to thrive in this new Environment. 


Automotive Facts 

70% of all steel, aluminum, and glass used in the production of the automobile must originate in North America.

Total North American content of a vehicle must equal 75% (up from 62.5%).

Part content will be divided up into core, principal, and complementary parts with content requirements of 75%, 70%, and 65% respectively.

40% of an automobile and 45% of a light truck must be produced using an average labor wage of $16/hour.

Quotas totaling 2.6 million Canadian and Mexican vehicles (well above the current 1.8 million) were established the USMCA.

Quotas of $32.4 billion on Canadian auto parts imports and $108 billion on Mexican auto parts imports were established in the USMCA.



03:00 pm – 03:30 pm

• Welcome words by Frederic Hadjari & Florian Danmayr
    o Business Upper Austria – Automobil-Cluster
• Greeting address by H.E. Ambassador Heidi Hulan,
    o Embassy of Canada to Austria
• Introduction of the Ontario International – Munich Trade and Investment Office
    o Chris Begley, Consul – Economic Affairs (Province of Ontario)
• Introduction of Canadian Trade Team in Vienna
    o Stéphane Charbonneau, Senior Trade Commissioner & Susanne Knobloch, Trade Commissioner (Automotive)

03:30 am – 04:00 pm Canada as springboard to USMCA

• Flavio Volpe, President, APMA (Automotive Parts Manufacturing Association)
    o What’s new in USMCA compared to NAFTA?
    o Why Canada is the ideal choice to do business in North America in automotive
    o Recent investment announcements in automotive in Canada
    o Trending: CASE mobility (connected autonomous shared electric)
    o OCE (Ontario Center of Excellence) CV (connected vehicle) initiatives
    o Project Arrow – an all Canadian ZEV (zero emission vehicle)
    o Advantageous regulatory framework (business immigration, autonomous driving etc.)

04:00 – 04:20 pm Success Story

• Thomas Bründl, CEO Starlim//Sterner in Canada
    o Our Roadmap to Canada

04:20 – 04:30 Q&A