Mission and vision


By actively linking the two branches, ways for developing new technologies are created that benefit the ICM partners and lead to the creation of a new focal area of business and industry. The initiative serves as an incubator, catalyst and hub for innovative ideas and projects within the broad field of digitisation. The aim is the sustainable and value-creating cooperation and networking of the partners, but also the positioning, visibility and presentation of the ICM partner companies’ competences to those outside the industry and the continued development of the individual fields of work of the CONNECTED MOBILITY - Smart Future initiative.


The initiative "Connected Mobility -the smart future" is a cross-industry hub for ...

  • new business models
  • new products
  • new Services

... In the field of digital transformation of mobility innovations.


Preparation of the ICM partners on the core issues of the new mobility

  • Cooperation between IT sector and companies in the automotive branche
  • Identification of new customers and target groups
  • Enter into existing markets with innovative business models, products and solutions
  • Develop new business models, products and solutions for new markets
  • Identification of applications for "Connected Mobility"