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Digital Transfer Manager 2.0 Course

The trend towards digitisation requires changes in work processes and qualification profiles. The course "Digital Transfer Manager 2.0" (DTM) helps to increase the innovation competence, to teach strategically oriented methods and to use the trained competences and skills to generate new, innovative digital solutions. The course teaches the basics for the design, structure, introduction and management of digital processes in the company = digitalization roadmap.
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Your Benefit

  1. Understanding of the term "digitisation" in the business context and determination of the own digitisation maturity level
  2. Transfer of theoretical and conceptual knowledge on innovation strategies and creativity techniques
  3. Methodical procedure for defining a (digital) business model
  4. Basics for design, structure, implementation and management of digital processes
  5. Raising awareness of the challenges that digitisation brings with it in the company and tools for the methodical support of change processes

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Price Advantage -10%
You will receive a discount of ten percent if the course is booked up to eight weeks before the start of the first seminar.